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The Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association has approximately 60 seafood companies and associates as members.  Our membership has grown from a core of 32 members in 1996.  This growth is a result of the services that the Association provides to the members and to the strong record of industry leadership provided on important issues.

The NSFPA employs an Executive Director and maintains an office with administrative staff in Yarmouth.  The NSFPA has seats on DFO advisory committees, as well as the two main consultative committees with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Important issues are raised on behalf of NSFPA members at those advisory committee meetings

The Executive Director provides members with meeting summaries and industry related information through a broadcast fax/e-mail service.  The NSFPA operates without any government assistance and acts as a strong lobby on behalf of its members.  The Annual General Meeting was held this year in Yarmouth in early April.

The NSFPA has sector committees for Lobster, Saltfish, Groundfish, Herring, Inspection Issues and the future of the Digby Ferry.  Additional sector committees are added as the need arises. Committee meetings are held throughout the year at various locations as needed.

These committees meet to discuss issues related to the particular sector. The seafood processing and export sector benefits from having a strong advocate organization like the NSFPA.